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Pallet collars should make economic sense

Pallet collars should make economic sense

What are traditional Pallet Collars used for? 

Usually, pallet collars are used with wooden pallets to make a box for transit, storage, or transport use, it is a type of alternative use for a wooden box or crate, which can make economical sense, especially when a re-use is a good option. It offers good protection for products inside the box as a type of wooden packaging.  

Time for Pallet Collar Upgrade? 

Crocodile Packaging has developed an effective, low-cost pallet collar system that addresses many of the practical problems inherent in traditional pallet collar system.

MD Quentin Philip examines the features and benefits of Crocodile’s Flexi-collar system.

“Traditional pallet and collar systems are used where a robust shipping crate is needed that can be easily assembled, re-used where required and is modular in design, he says.

However, there are many downsides that users need to be aware of before investing in this widely used system.

We believe that our new Flexi-collar product addresses key issues inherent in the common pallet collar system, particularly the high cost of investment”. 

Pallet Collars 

Consider three important reasons to choose Crocodile Packaging Pallet Collars: 

  • Lower Costs

Pallet collars are usually made from heavy-duty softwood or plywood that is joined together with an expensive hinge system. They can be a high-cost investment, particularly when the re-usability and returnability are not always guaranteed.
Maximise your return on investment with Crocodiles Flex-collar system. The Crocodile Packaging Pallet Collar is available in a variety of materials that can be easily tailored to your budget.

  • No More Wasted Transport Space

Whilst pallet collars can be purchased in different heights, it will always be likely that the internal height won’t match the cargo being shipped which then leads to inefficient use of the available space on road transport and shipping containers.
Crocodiles Flex-collar systems can be easily tailored to precise height dimensions to optimise available transport space and cut shipping costs.

  • Safer Handling

Loading cargo onto a pallet is not always easy when a collar system is being used. Individual items may need to be lifted over collars onto the pallet or a heavy piece of equipment may need to be lowered onto the pallet with the collars in place. Alternatively, the heavy collars will need to be lifted over the item after securing it to the pallet. In all cases operators will need to be lifting heavy items at height or specialist handling systems may be needed to load machinery.
Crocodiles Flex-collar system offers the option to load through an open side and then clip the final panel into place, simplifying dispatch and addressing Health & Safety issues.

Quentin Philip believes that the Flexi-collar system addresses all the above key issues and points to Crocodile Packaging’s track record of delivering their customised products to consistently high standards and within agreed timescales.

“We produce a highly competitive pallet collar-type system that can be customised to optimise the use of expensive logistical space whilst ensuring that packing and dispatch are simple, quick, and safe.”

“We can accommodate all common pallet footprints and even produce tailored sizes to suit individual projects. We look forward to producing this exciting new system for both new and existing customers”

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