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Returnable Packaging Solutions

The ultra sustainable packaging system.

Discover Crocodile’s unique returnable packaging solution. A re-usable wooden crate and clip system where goods can be unpacked and removed with zero damage to the crate itself. This means that the crates be safely re-used, in some cases up to 80 times. It is the best sustainable packaging you will find for shipping and export. 


By using the same case so many times, Crocodile can not only dramatically cut customers’ packaging and shipping costs but also provide a truly environmentally sustainable method for shipping goods internationally.


Environmentally friendly packaging 

  • Using a re-usable Crocodile crate system replaces wasteful single-use packaging options that use more non-sustainable materials.
    Consider these facts:

    • Plastic packaging is the most common way of shipping product.
    • Its is predicted that by 2050 the volume of plastic waste in oceans will outweigh the fish! (World Economic Forum 2019) – This is because 8 million tons of plastic is dumped in the world’s oceans every year.
    • Did you know that a specific Plastic Packaging Tax has been introduced in the UK from April 2022 which will be an added business cost for many companies who rely on plastic transit packaging.
  • Re-usable Crocodile crate systems prevent the need to send one-trip packaging to landfill or disposal sites.
    • The most common types of packaging:
      Paper. Plastic. Cardboard.
    • The main types of waste packaging in landfill:
      Paper. Plastic. Cardboard.
    • Less than half of plastic goods that are recyclable are actually recycled.
  • Re-using wooden packaging locks carbon into the packaging, not the atmosphere.
    • Carbon…The 6th element…The 4th most abundant element in our solar system…It forms diamonds.
      Carbon is also the biggest danger to our planet’s future.
    • At atmospheric pressure carbon can occur naturally as a solid or a gas. As a solid it’s no problem – as a gas such as carbon dioxide (CO2) it’s a potential planet killer.
    • One answer to our children’s future is:
      Plant more trees!
      Because photosynthesis turns CO2 into sugars which are stored in leaves, stems, tree trunks, branches and roots.
    • Therefore using a wooden packaging system from sustainable forests locks carbon into a safe, solid form which can itself be re-used many times.
  • Minimise your packaging waste tax
    • With a focus on recycling of packaging it is simple to see the benefits of a re-usable system – no need to declare recycling levels when you re-use the packaging.
Returnable crate - more than 50 uses

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