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Seed Containers

Seed Box for bulk storage and shipping

The Crocodile Seed Box IBC has become an industry standard since it’s first use in 2003.

The unique clipped Crocodile seed box units hold up to 1 tonne of wheat seed, are easy to handle by forklift truck, stack up to 8 high to maximise warehouse space and are extremely strong even when used with forklift tipper attachments to facilitate transfer and mixing of grass seeds.


The seed boxes can be collapsed to 20% of their volume if required off season and rodent damage is completely prevented.


The modular design enables low-cost maintenance to replace damaged components that will keep Crocodile seed boxes in service for more than 10 years.


  • Crocodile’s seed boxes are made with rebated high quality plywood sheets and secured with Crocodile’s unique clip system. 
  • Crocodile’s seed boxes come with an integral pallet base that can be designed to suit your handling system.
  • Can be stacked up to 8 high to minimise warehousing costs.
  • Strong enough to use with a tipping forklift system
  • Stackable – Up to 8 High
    • Ideal choice for storage and warehousing.
    • Can be stacked up to 8 high.
  • Collapsible Crocodile Clip System
    • Collapse with no tools, no damage
    • Collapse or re-assemble in under 2 minutes
    • Collapse to 20% of original size – minimise return & storage costs



  • Collapsible, Reusable
    • Buy one case, maintain with replacement components and use for more than 10 years.
    • Stack 8 high and make maximum use of warehouse space.
    • Collapse to 20% of original size – store 5 times the amount for the same cost if not in use.
    • Totally prevent rodent damage.
Forklift stacking seed boxes in warehouse - stacking 6 high
Wasted space in warehouse - bulk bags on floor
Optimise storage space - stack crates 6 metres high

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