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Crate Anatomy

The Crocodile Clipped Crate – Anatomical Guide.



The diagram shows the various key components that make up a standard Crocodile crate that we produce every day as one of the UK’s leading shipping crate manufacturers.


Whilst the dimensions, clipping pattern and pallet arrangement may change, the key components will remain the same. The following is how we refer to them.

Parts of a Crate


  1. LID
    This is obviously the top of the crate and usually the same thickness as the other panels.
    The lid will have a rebate around it’s entire perimeter.
  2. SIDE
    We call the longer of the panels the Side.
    The side panels are easily identifiable as they have two rebates. One at each end.
  3. END
    The shorter of the panels is known as the End
    The end panels do not have any rebates.
  4. BASE
    The bottom of the crate is known as the Base (sometimes as the Deck)
    Like the lid, the base panel will have a rebate all the way around.
    The pallet arrangement is always an integral part of the Crocodile crate.
    The most common pallet arrangement is to use Block & Runners. These usually consist of Presswood blocks joined with plywood runners. Presswood is an engineered material created from wood waste and is exempt from ISPM15 shipping regulations.
  6. CLIPS
    Clips are manually inserted into machined slots on the panels, and whilst the rebate system provides high levels of strength to prevent the crate collapsing inwards, the spring steel Crocodile clips prevent the sides & lid from bursting outwards. There are options for standard or heavy duty clips and the number of clips used will depend on crate size, shipping methodology and nature of contents.

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Diagram illustrating the different parts of a wooden shipping crate

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