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Agriculture & Food Production

Agricultural produce needs to be safely stored and then delivered to its destination undamaged, uncontaminated, and as fresh as possible.

Bringing produce to the people.

This means that the packaging used must be of the highest quality. However, it must also suit your individual needs. Crocodile Packaging can help with a range of off-the-shelf products that already service the Agriculture and Food & Beverage Industry.


We also understand how diverse the Agricultural and Food & Beverage Industries can be and will work directly with you to develop solutions that match your individual storage, processing and transport needs exactly. So, when you need a specific storage solution, help with your processing/ production lines or wish to minimize transport costs then get in touch to discuss some new ideas.

Track Record


Below are some examples of packaging and storage solutions that Crocodile delivers into the Agriculture & Food & Beverage Industries.

Shipping crate for the agricultural industry

Cheese maturation box



Wooden crate for shipment of food internationally

Potato Box



Wooden shipping crates full of seeds for agricultural export

Seed storage boxes

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