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After decades of providing innovative packaging solutions to some of the Automotive Industries biggest OEMs, Crocodile Packaging understands what is important to the Automotive Industry.

Crate Specification & Build Quality

Our quality processes result in a 99.7% success rate – manufacturing non-conformances occur on less than 0.5% of our output.

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Cost Effective Solutions

If our solution is not cost effective for you then we will work hard to develop cost down suggestions that will help to achieve your financial targets.


Supply Chain Management

Let us consider supplying packaging to YOUR suppliers – delivering operational benefits to them may result in great efficiencies for your business.



Use a simple to assemble Crocodile clipped crate and do away with tools, nails and sharp edges.



More than 98% of our orders are supplied on or before the required date.



A key issue for everyone – consistency of product, consistency of quality and on-time deliveries.




Custom made packaging to suit your needs. 

No matter what you are trying to store or transport, Crocodile will deliver a solution that will ensure your goods get to their destination in perfect condition in the most efficient way possible.


Customised internal protection & dunnage

We have a wealth of experience to help you with supplying the best support & protection system around your component which addresses issues such as loading access, health & safety, vibration and in-transit product protection.


Removable panels – easy & safe loading

Crocodile clipped crates can have all or some of the panels removed allowing easy access when loading, inspecting or decanting parts.  No tools are required and the panels will not be damaged.


Supply chain support

Crocodile are happy to send our crate system to suppliers further down the chain who can then send their products to your business in a Crocodile crate which can then be re-used for onward shipment. This has the potential for large savings on packaging costs.



Crocodile Packaging understands that the automotive industry leads the world in supply chain efficiency. 


Crocodile’s Re-usable Packaging Solutions can offer enormous efficiencies to your supply chain and greatly reduce the cost of transporting your goods.

Wooden crate for shipping car parts
Shipping crates for industry
Shipping crates for export of automotive parts
Wooden shipping crate for auto parts

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