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Pallet Collars

Pallet Collar System

Pallet collars are a popular solution for protecting products or equipment during storage or transport on wooden pallets. They are sturdy and easy to use and can be stacked to achieve the desired height. However, businesses that use them may face challenges such as a high upfront cost, limited space for storage, and wasted cubic space.

Customised solution

Crocodile Packaging’s Flexi-Collar System is a cost-effective and efficient solution for protecting products or equipment during storage or transit on wooden pallets. The system addresses common problems businesses face with traditional pallet collars, such as high initial investment, limited footprint availability, and wasted cubic space.

Turn your pallets into shipping crates

Our Flexi-Collar System can easily transform standard or non-standard sized wooden pallets into wooden shipping crates, providing many benefits such as:

Lower Cost & Longer Lasting

Our collars are available in a variety of materials that can be tailored to your budget and can be utilised for single-use or as reusable option, providing a cost-effective solution compared to traditional pallet collar systems.

Optimized Transport Space

The Flexi-collar system can be tailored to precise height dimensions, which maximizes the available transport volume and helps cut shipping costs.

Safe Handling

Our collars feature an option to load through an open side and clip the final panel into place, simplifying despatch whilst addressing Health & Safety concerns.

How to Order Pallet Collars

If you are interested in our Flexi-Collar system, then let us know your requirements and we will provide a quotation. Simply get in touch or just call us. We will need to know:

  • Your pallet footprint (length and width)
  • The required internal height
  • Do you need a lid?
  • Quantity required.

We can typically supply within 2 weeks but can accommodate fast-track solutions if needed. Choose the Flexi-Collar System by Crocodile Packaging for a cost-effective, efficient and safe solution for your pallet collars.

Discover the reasons why you should choose the pallet collar by Crocodile Packaging: The Flexi-collar system.

Pallet with open front collar - part loaded
Pallet with Crocodile Flexi-collar and lid.
Pallet collar with removable side clipped into position.

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