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The range of goods manufactured and transported within the energy sector are perhaps more diverse than in any other industry.

Packaging for Energy & Precision Technology

Finding a shipping solution that fits all your specifications must feel an impossible task if you are in charge of the shipping operations.
Our experts do this every day, with vast experience in designing a transport packaging solution completely bespoke for energy equipment,
precision technology or machinery.

Diverse sources of energy

Compared to 20 years ago there is a considerable diversity within the energy sector with the rise in sustainable and renewable energy sources leading the way.

The most common renewable energy sources are:

  • Solar energy
  • Wind power
  • Biomass energy
  • Hydro-electric energy
  • Tidal energy
  • Geothermal energy

The above sources make up an increasing percentage of the world’s requirement, but until further development takes place, there is still an ongoing requirement for carbon-based energy sources:

  • Coal
  • Oil
  • Gas

Energy packaging & storage

In addition to energy production, the storage of energy has become increasingly important with development of battery technology so vital to both the automobile sector and both industrial and domestic energy use.

Transporting the electrical power generated by the emerging sources is also going through huge changes with ultra-efficient cables technology reducing power drop-off and even wireless power transmission systems over increasing distances beginning to roll out in the commercial world.

With such a wide range of developing technology in the energy sector it is not surprising that the movement of plant, components and materials has a vital role to play in powering the planet over the next century.

Crocodile’s crating technology has been ahead of it’s time for at least 30 years with a sustainable packaging solution. With state-of-the-art production processes that provide consistent and accurate products that are fully customised to each transportation task.

Shipping crates designed to transport unique technology

Transporting precision technology used in the energy industry can be a complex operation. You may need to ship a small piece of precision technology to a state-of-the-art factory or a bulky item of heavy equipment to it’s installation site. Whatever type of packaging solution you need, you will probably find that Crocodile have manufactured something similar before. Perhaps you would benefit from your components arriving from your suppliers in Crocodile crates which can then be re-used for onward shipment with the associated cost savings and sustainability.

The key issues will always be the same:

  • Maximum protection

    • The most important part of a shipping crate – the external walls of a Crocodile crate will always provide the ultimate protection due to clever design and high quality boards.
  • Bespoke design

    • Your product is unlikely to have been designed with an off-the-shelf shipping crate in mind so using a Crocodile system to move your product is a good place to begin – we design our crates around YOUR product – not the other way round!
  • Precision manufacturing

    • Crocodile’s world-renowned export wooden clip system requires us to pay close attention to manufacturing tolerances and we extend this requirement to all the customised internal support kit that may be required.
  • Consistent & reliable supply

    • Your products will have to be manufactured to tight tolerances otherwise they won’t work – they will all need to be exactly the same. That is why Crocodile are the perfect partner for providing your packaging system. We aim for accuracy, consistency and reliability. Take the first step and get in touch today.
Electronic compoennts in protective foam support
Crate optimised for sea container - cost effective freight
Roll of specialist flooring being lowered into Crocodile shipping crate

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