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Construction & Industrial Materials

Storing and transporting bulky or fragile materials in a safe and efficient way is central to the success to all those involved in the building and industrial materials sector.

Crocodile supports these industries by providing timber cases with the following benefits:

  • Market-leading strength
  • Cut out damage to your products
  • Perfect for warehousing – Crocodile cases stack 8 high
  • Safe and easy to stack and handle – developed for you with customised bases
  • Simple to load with removable or hinged panels.


Industrial Construction Packaging

No matter what materials you are trying to store or transport, Crocodile will deliver a solution that will ensure your goods get to their destination in perfect condition and in the most efficient way possible, either with packaging sourced off the shelf or customised to your requirements. 

Re-Usable Packaging System Savings

Crocodile’s reusable packaging system can offer enormous efficiencies to your supply chain and greatly reduce the cost of transporting your goods.

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