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Bulk Liquids & Powders

IBC’s for bulk liquids or powders


The Crocodile IBC container is re-usable, returnable and the most cost effective and secure transit and storage method on the market for bulk liquids and powders.


  • Crocodile’s IBC Containers are made with rebated high quality plywood sheets and secured with Crocodile’s unique clip system. 
  • Liquids or powders are securely contained within a cassetted, replaceable internal foil bag.
  • Crocodile IBC Containers come with an integral pallet base that can be configured to suit your handling system.
  • Can be stacked up to 8 high to minimise warehousing costs.
  • A fraction of the cost of plastic and steel systems.
  • Customised Inlet/Outlet Ports
    • Can be positioned to suit your handling system.
    • Filled and decanted with ease
    • Can decant under vacuum
    • Zero contamination
  • Fully-sealed Cassetted Bag
    • Durable internal bag
    • Zero contamination
    • No cleaning – replace with new bag.
  • Stackable – Up to 8 High
    • Ideal choice for storage and warehousing.
    • Can be stacked up to 8 high.
  • Collapsible Crocodile Clip System
    • Collapse with no tools, no damage
    • Collapse or re-assemble in under 2 minutes
    • Collapse to 20% of original size – minimise return & storage costs



  • Collapsible, Reusable
    • Buy one case, use up to 80 times
    • Collapse to 20% of original size –transport 5 times the amount for the same cost.
  • Stacking & Shipping
    • Stack 2 high, 2 wide in shipping containers
    • When collapsed they can be shipped 6 high in a standard sea container saving money on return shipping
  • One Option
    • One Trip IBC Container can be made from cheaper OSB material for a cost-effective expendable option.
    • One-trip IBC’s still stackable.
Crocodile liquid IBC in Bodyshop production facility with hose attached
Filling liquid intermediate bulk container
1-trip liquid IBC - 18mm OSB - ISPM15 export IBC

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