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Expendable Single Use Crates

Choosing the right packing crates is vital in ensuring that your valuable products will arrive at their destination in perfect condition and for the lowest possible cost to your business.

The Crocodile wooden crate.

Crocodile manufactures bespoke wooden crates for transporting your products, offering the highest and toughest security and protection for your equipment. We understand that minimising costs is an important part of getting your goods to market, which is why Crocodile has a range of single-use crates, if a one-trip, or expendable, solution is what you require.

Wooden crates at a lower-cost

The Crocodile Packaging wooden crates have the same great customisable dimensions options using our unique clipping system. We deliver the wooden crates flat-packed to save transport costs for our customers. To minimise unit costs for our customers, we use more economical materials for the panels and base 

Economical materials.

Expendable export crates - single use shipping crates packed with office equipment

Our unique clip system attached to the wooden crate means that we don’t have to use nails or screws to assemble the crates. This enables lower cost sheet materials to be used such as lighter weight OSB. As the physical materials make up a relatively high percentage of overall cost it makes sense to minimise the price if only a single journey is needed.

Any size, any shape.

Extra long customised clipped crate

Our 1-trip wooden shipping crates don’t come off a shelf. They can still be made to the size you need. By all means use a ‘standard’ size crate if it works well for the job, but if you need something slightly different then let us know…

Customised internal protection.

Customised crate - internal support structure - foam and plywood blocks

The inside of a Crocodile crate has no protrusions or battens so is ideal for adding customised dunnage to protect your product during transit. Internal foam protection, anti-vibration devices and barrier foil bags are simple to install. We will help you decide what is needed and provide costings if possible.

Low cost, high protection.

A selection of OSB export crates ready to ship injection moulding equipment

The simple design of the Crocodile system provides high levels of inherent strength with the panel rebates preventing inward collapse and the clips providing bursting protection. Our 1-trip crates have the same basic Crocodile design – and the same strength!

Open side loading.

Food grade roll of aluminium foil transported within a customised Crocodile crate

Allows simple, safe and efficient loading and unloading, minimising any health and safety issues caused by repetitive bending while keeping your production line operating efficiently. Simple and fast removal of individual panels make despatch and quality inspections a simple task.

No tools required.

Spring steel clip being removed with clip removal tool

We normally deliver our wooden crates in flat-pack form to save transport costs. No special tools are required to assemble or collapse the Crocodile crates and there are no sharp edges to cause cuts to hands, so it’s easier to keep safe. 

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