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Storage & Warehousing

Discover our storage & warehousing packaging solutions, custom crates designed & manufactured for shipping or storage, industrial packaging supplier.

Storage and warehousing packaging

Maximise your warehouse space with Crocodile Packaging bespoke wooden crates. If you find your standard packaging is just taking up too much wasted space, or awkward to pack? Buying into the storage solutions that Crocodile offer will make the most of every inch of space you have, contact us for advice today.

Low-Cost Storage Solution

Are you trying to find a low-cost storage solution in your warehouse or facility? Our bespoke wooden crates could simply be the answer. With the growth of online shopping, there is now huge pressure on storage and warehousing space as diverse inventory requirements are required to ensure fast delivery of products to consumers. How can Crocodile Packaging help?

Flexible dimensions

  • Crocodile’s unique flexible clipped crate system can provide a cost-effective storage system, particularly when non-standard products cannot be cost effectively kept on standard racking or in standard containers or boxes.
  • The high stacking strength inherent in the Crocodile clipped system and the ability to open any panel for access provides opportunities to dispense with expensive racking and picking systems, whilst the flexibility in dimensional design also means that expensive storage volumes can be optimised with all the associated cost savings.

Key advantages:

  • Flexible container design to suit non-standard product shapes.
  • Any size any shape to optimise existing racking system.
  • Customised internal protection & support during storage.
  • Bespoke design to suit automated handling systems.
  • High stacking strength to replace racking.
  • Collapse when not in use to minimise storage costs.

Collaborative working

  • Crocodile are happy to start a collaborative process in order to develop a solution that matches individual storage requirements.
  • No matter what you need to store, Crocodile will help you to develop a solution that will fit your requirements and minimise your storage and logistics costs.
large wooden crates used for storage, stacked 4 boxes high
Row of warehouse shelving full of wooden shipping crates supplied by Crocodile

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