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ISPM 15 – Requirements for Wood Packaging & Exporting

ISPM 15 – Requirements for Wood Packaging & Exporting




After the global implementation of the UN’s international standard ISPM15, which affects all wood products including packaging, the situation changed for UK exporters following Brexit in January 2021. 


Whereas previously the ISPM15 restrictions only kicked in when exporting outside the EU, suddenly the tight restrictions were also required for shipments heading for relatively local EU countries.


This situation has led to reports of a number of delays to consignments heading out of the UK, particularly on road haulage, and Crocodile Packaging is urging companies to review their procedures and ensure compliance with the regulations in order to avoid severe last-minute problems.


Quentin Philip, Managing Director of Crocodile Packaging, appeals for UK industry to put their packaging requirements firmly at the top of their agenda: “We historically supply many forward-thinking companies with legislation-compliant packaging solutions which of course now also help them with local EU deliveries, however the need to protect pine forests from pine wilt disease in both the UK and mainland Europe means that exporters who only supplied to the EU in the past now also need to comply with the ISPM15 rules when delivering to their EU customers” 


“Businesses obviously don’t want to be in the position of having their exported goods rejected upon arrival, so the answer has to be – act now.  At Crocodile we have always been on top of this important issue and can supply a compliant, reliable and cost-effective export packaging for goods of any dimension, whether the requirement is for single or repeat use.  Indeed, if anyone is unclear as to any aspect of the ISPM15 legislation, and its effects on the movement of packaged goods to Europe or anywhere else in the world, we offer a comprehensive guide on our website and our team will be happy to consult, advise and provide the appropriate solution.”