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Reusable Crates

Choosing the right packing crates is vital in ensuring that your valuable products will arrive at their destination in perfect condition and for the lowest possible cost to your business.

The Crocodile returnable crates.

Environmentally sustainable packaging, at a lower cost to you when shipping, transporting goods, or storing bulk items.

Because of Crocodile’s unique clip system for securing the panels, your goods can be unpacked with zero damage to the packaging case. This means that you can reuse the container and case for 80 shipments or more instead of having to buy 80 new ones. This long term returnable ability make Crocodile reusable cases the best choice for a sustainable packaging system. 


By using the same case so many times, Crocodile can dramatically cut customers packaging and shipping costs and provide a truly environmentally sustainable method of packaging and shipping goods internationally.

Collapsible – cut your logistical costs.

Collapsible returnable export crate

Collapse the case to 20% of it’s volume and return ship five times the amount in one go

Clip system means you can collapse with no damage to the crate in under 2 minutes.

Store collapsed crates in five times less space before re-assembly and re-use.

Reusable – cut your packaging costs.

re-usable IBC crates after 50 trips to south America

Cut out the considerable cost of disposing of single use packaging.

Use the same crate for 80 shipments or more and start saving after as few as 3 trips.

Replace damaged or missing components to keep your Crocodile crates in good working order.

No need to order new crates every time meaning less work for your purchasing department

Environmentally friendly.

Cost effective returnable pallet box system

Re-using packaging is the most environmentally sustainable option available

Stop wasteful one-use packaging materials going to landfill.

Plywood crates from sustainable managed forestry lock carbon into the panels and reduce poisonous CO2 in the atmosphere.

Minimise your packaging waste tax.

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