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BFS Pressroom Solutions

Bespoke Cases, Special Wooden Crates

A Crocodile bespoke wooden crate storage story.

Revolutionising Roller Handling for BFS Pressroom Solutions

At Crocodile, we are proud to supply BFS Pressroom Solutions with our state-of-the-art crates, designed to transform the storage and delivery of printing press rollers. Our crates offer a range of benefits for storing and delivering pressroom products that significantly enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Enhanced Pressroom Products Customer Quality Perception

BFS Pressroom Solutions chose Crocodile crates in order to add value to their pressroom products. As well as looking great, the clipped crates, branded with a BFS logo, provide superior protection for rollers during transit, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition. This commitment to the continued care of rollers once they leave BFS, ensures that rollers arrive with the customer just as they left the factory and helps to maintain BFS’s reputation for quality, value for money and excellence.


OSB clipped crate with bespoke end supports packed with printing press rollers for BFS BFS Pressroom Solutions roller crate for delivery, storage and return for refurbishment. Bespoke wooden crate with printing press roller support cradles

Ease of Loading and Unloading of Pressroom Products

The innovative clipped crate design makes loading and unloading rollers significantly easier. This efficiency benefits both production teams preparing for dispatch and end users during installation. By simplifying these processes, Crocodile crates help BFS and their pressroom product customers save valuable time and reduce the risk of damage, ultimately enhancing workflow efficiency.

Convenient Storage and Refurbishment of Pressroom Products

Crocodile crates also offer practical storage solutions for pressroom products. Customers can conveniently store their rollers and easily retrieve individual ones when needed. When it’s time for refurbishment, the same crates can be used to return the rollers to BFS, ensuring a seamless and organised process.

Facilitated Exporting

Made entirely from processed wood products such as OSB or plywood, Crocodile crates are fully exempt from global ISPM15 shipping regulations. This exemption simplifies international shipping for BFS, eliminating additional treatment requirements and streamlining the export process, wherever the rollers are sent.

Customisable Support Cradles

To accommodate different roller sizes, Crocodile crates feature removable end support cradles, customised to the bespoke dimensions of individual rollers. This customisation ensures a secure fit and optimal protection during transit.

By adopting the use of Crocodile crates, BFS Pressroom Solutions has enhanced the protection, efficiency, and overall quality of their roller handling processes. At Crocodile, we are committed to delivering innovative solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients, helping to ensure that their operations run smoothly and efficiently.