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Export Crates

Choosing the right packing crates is vital in ensuring that your valuable products will arrive at their destination in perfect condition and for the lowest possible cost to your business.

The Crocodile export crate.

Crocodile’s Export Crates are made with rebated timber sheets (plywood, OSB or chipboard or a combination of these), secured with Crocodile’s unique clip system. Export crates come with an integral pallet base and dunnage designed specifically to hold and protect your product.


So what makes the Crocodile Export Crate the best solution for your shipping requirements?

Rebated panels.

Crocodile crate corner cutaway

Seamless fit

Maximum strength

Effective weather-proofing

Market leading strength.

High strength Crocodile stacked cases

Withstand over 15,000kg of compression

No damage to product

No damage to case

Customised internal protection.

Pink antistatic foam in crate

3D engineered design around your product

Customised foam protection for weak points

Designed to secure your product with no movement and minimal vibration

Stackable – up to 8 high.

Warehouse optimised with stacked clipped plywood crates

Perfect for storage and warehousing

Minimise expensive storage area

No need for racking

Collapsible clip system.

ISPM15 exempt sustainable pallet box reusable system

Collapse with no tools, no damage

Safely collapse or re-build in under 2 minutes

Collapse to 20% of original size

Removable panels.

Clip removing tool - red handle

Easy, quick and safe to load/unload

Ideal for quality control and customs inspections

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