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Export Crates

Choosing the right packing crates is vital in ensuring that your valuable products will arrive at their destination in perfect condition and for the lowest possible cost to your business.

The Crocodile export crate.

Crocodile’s export wooden shipping crates are made with rebated timber sheets (plywood, OSB or chipboard or a combination of these), which are secured with Crocodile’s unique clip system. Available to ship in flat-pack form to save transport costs. Crate assembly is fast, safe, and a tool-free process. Export crates come with an integral pallet base, and the important internal structure can be custom designed specifically to hold and protect your product. Our aim is to provide 100% protection against damage to your product. We pay close attention to securing the item, providing protection from in-transit vibration and moisture damage, as well as simplifying loading and unpacking.


What makes the Crocodile Export Shipping Crate the best solution?

Rebated panels.

Crocodile crate corner cutaway
  • Seamless fit
    • The rebated design means that wood is always pushing against wood – as long as the panels are aligned it is almost impossible for the crate to collapse.
    • We machine our panels to close tolerances so that the rebates fit snugly and provide high levels of strength.
    • The tight tolerances provide effective weather-proofing. Water will have to find its’ way around the plywood rebates before entering the wooden shipping crates and as it does, the dampness will cause slight temporary swelling which will bring additional sealing to the join.

Market leading strength.

High strength Crocodile stacked cases
  • Pure Strength
    • The super-strong Crocodile wooden shipping crates can withstand with over 15,000kg of compression bearing on the bottom crate.
    • The stronger the wooden crate, the higher the protection levels which is why are aim is always zero damage to the product being shipped.
    • Rough handling as some point during an export journey is almost inevitable but the Crocodile system ensures a high chance of limiting damage to the case to allow re-use helping to cut costs within your supply chain.

Customised internal protection.

Pink antistatic foam in crate
  • 3 D protection
    • Your product is probably unique – its shape, weight distribution, mounting points and finishes will require a properly thought through protection system to ensure arrival in perfect condition.
    • We can design 3 dimensional foam protection to ensure that impact energy from any direction will be deflected and minimised.
    • The internal faces of a Crocodile case are just a smooth wall so it’s easy to design ways to secure your product safely with no movement and protect it from harmful vibration during it’s journey.

Stackable – up to 8 high.

Warehouse optimised with stacked clipped plywood crates
  • A self-warehousing system
    • Super strong Crocodile crates can be stacked up to 8 high – usually the limiting factor will be the forklift rather than the export case.
    • Minimising storage areas by stacking high can save time and considerable costs when off-loaded or trans shipped at a distribution hub – this may happen more than once during a long international journey so the cost savings can add up.
    • Expensive racking may not be needed for temporary storage of Crocodile crates – if  you stacking up like-for -like footprint size crates then good organization labelling can mean that racking systems are not needed.

Collapsible clip system.

ISPM15 exempt sustainable pallet box reusable system
  • The disappearing crate
    • Once the product has been removed the crate is only protecting a volume of fresh air!  Collapsing and flat-packing the crates will take up a fraction of the space of a fully assembled crate. Crocodile crates can be collapsed with no special tools and with no damage to the panels or clip slots.
    • Usually a standard Crocodile crate can be safely collapsed or re-built in about 2 minutes, depending on the size and shape.
    • If the crate is not too high it will flat-pack to 20% of it’s original size meaning that storage and transport costs will be just one fifth of a similar non-collapsible crate.

Removable panels.

Clip removing tool - red handle
  • Fast flexible panel access
    • Any panels can be individually removed from a Crocodile crate without the need to unpack the whole crate. Simply remove the appropriate clips and ease off whichever panel you choose. To replace the panel simply reverse the operation and snap the clips back into place.
    • Leaving off some of the panels will make loading and packing operations swifter and also safer, because manual handing into an open sided case is so much easier.
    • Removing a lid or side panel is also ideal for quality control inspections. Likewise, adding specific dispatch paperwork post-packing and facilitating customs inspections to fast-track your product to the destination.

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