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Technology & Engineering

Central to Crocodile’s success as a business has been its ability to support the ever-growing Technology & Light Engineering Industries.

Crocodile has extensive experience in the world of: “developing technology”.  A remarkable operation, when mobile phone networks were rolled out in the 1990’s. Crocodile Packaging became the first choice in bespoke shipping crates to delivery mobile phone base stations to their destination. 


Engineering Machinery Packaging


Crocodile fully understands the scale and what issues are important to those working in modern Hi-Technology businesses and focuses on the following core principles:

  • Software driven CAD design
    • Our customer’s products are highly engineered and precisely made so our design processes need to reflect the requirement for packaging to be produced to the same standards. That is why we invested in up-to-date 3D design software which helps us to better measure our customer’s products and also design our packaging components to fine tolerances.
  • Precision manufacturing
    • Packaging for Hi-tech products needs to be made to small tolerances to ensure optimum protection and Crocodile’s machinery is able to deliver consistently machined components that match those requirements.
  • Customised internal protection
    • Whilst the external panels of a Crocodile crate prevent damage from outside sources, the internal protection and support components are just as important. Anti-vibration, customised support and engineered foam may all be needed to make sure that Hi-Tech machines are safe during their journey and we are pleased to have the resources to design and fabricate such items.

Crocodile Packaging works directly with customers in Technology and Industrial Engineering to design and build a solution that matches their individual needs exactly, making this packing custom built to size and shape.

Examples of Hi-Tech products shipped in Crocodile crates include 3D printers, Coordinate-measuring machines (CMM), Static generators and Linear absolute encoders.

No matter what you are trying to transport, Crocodile will design a solution that will ensure your goods get to their destination in perfect condition in the most efficient way possible.

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Electronic parts with prorective antistatic foam and polybags
Pink antistatic foam protection
Nokia crate with clip
Aircraft seats built and shipped on Crocodile CNC machined production jigs

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