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Pallet Boxes

Wood Pallet Boxes


Wooden pallet boxes are commonly used for both small numbers and high volume shipping of products but are usually offered in a limited range of standard sizes.

Whilst a standard size may be perfectly adequate, Crocodile also manufacture and supply the widest range of customised pallet boxes on the market. We are not limited to standard sizes and can simply change the specification to the most effective dimensions.. 


At Crocodile we pride ourselves on our ability to create a perfect solution to any shipping requirement rather that offering a narrow range of options that may fall short of your individual demands. So if standard sizes don’t suit then let us know and we can tweak the dimensions to suit your needs.


  • Pallet bases can be configured to suit your handling equipment.
  • Bespoke lifting points for Centre of Gravity
  • Customised to ensure control of forklift access – 1-way, 2-way, 4-way entry.



  • Internal dunnage can be developed with your own designers to fit around your products. We are able to manufacture using 3D CAD software.
  • Foam protection can be included as required to support product during transit.
  • Anti-vibration features may be incorporated if required to protect sensitive components.



  • A full range of standard international shipping symbols can be used.
  • Bespoke stencils can be provided to your own design if required.
  • We can produce company logos and enhance your product branding.
  • A screen printing service can be used for special finishes.
Plywood pallet boxes ready for despatch to customer.
Precision casting for aerospace industry - customised Crcoodile shipping crate
Stack of 12mm plywood crates with chest handles

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