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Aviation Packaging

Crocodile is proud of its growing ability to support OEMs and suppliers in the Aviation & Aerospace industry.

Custom designed shipping crates


We understand the nature of the high value components used in the aviation industry and the resultant need to provide specialised, high protection packaging solutions and can help our Aviation customers with:

Production line efficiency

As manufacturers ourselves we are aware of potential efficiencies that can be found by shortening production process times, saving valuable space, minimising the need for product movement on-line and expediting despatch operations.

Customised internal protection & dunnage

Damage to costly components can wreck profitability so paying attention to precise support and protection materials can help prevent serious damage. We are happy to spend time on these details as they can provide large savings.

Any size, any shape packaging solutions

The nature of Aerospace is that very few products can be described as standard! Crocodile also make far more customised, non-standard crates than off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all type units. 

Reliable accurate manufacturing

It is so important that we produce packaging that is within agreed tolerances, and also that our output is consistent. Our quality control processes ensure that we can roll-out the same components time-after time, we relish the challenge. 

Collaborative design development

Most packaging for the aviation and aerospace industry that we supply is a result of a collaborative design processes whereby we work directly with our customers to design and develop a solution that matches their individual needs exactly.

Our products may include assembly jigs to help with production line operations, pallet boxes, totes and stillages to move components between processes as well as customised transit cases for export and customer delivery.

No matter what you need to transport, Crocodile will help to design a solution that will ensure your goods get to their destination in perfect condition and in the most efficient way possible.

Nose cone crate - customsed to safely ship to international customers
Auto parts in crate

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