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Events & Exhibitions

Store, transport and deploy your equipment safely & easily.

Understanding the detail

Crocodile Packaging has extensive experience and expertise in creating custom packaging for the events industry, particularly for B2B and B2C exhibitions and festival events.

Whether it’s an indoor exhibition or an outdoor festival, we understand the importance of packaging that is suitable for safely transporting equipment to the site.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that the crates are designed to allow for easy and safe un-packing during the set-up phase. Additionally, our crates can be flat-packed to save storage space, particularly at indoor exhibitions, and have a tool-free assembly feature which enhances safety reduces labour costs by cutting down on load-out and repacking time.

Packaging for events equipment

Pack, ship, store and transport any type of event equipment, Crocodile can provide transport shipping and packaging solutions for you. Inclusive of the following:


  • Lighting & Sound Equipment
  • Catering Equipment
  • Luxury Camping Materials
    • Tents
    • Bedding & cushions
    • Chairs & tables


  • Exhibition stand components
  • Banners & Decoration
  • Lighting & Sound Equipment

Key benefits:

  • Cost savings
    • Fast tool free access – save time during hectic get-in and setup phase with fast access to crates.
    • Collapsible cases – flat-pack clipped crates to save on expensive storage costs whilst at exhibitions.
    • Quick tool free re-assembly – reduce labour costs for breakdown and safe re-packing operations.
    • Re-usable cases – buy once and replace damaged components. Crocodile clipped crates will last for years.
    • Safe & effective storage of events equipment during off-season.
  • Performance
    • We can add castor wheels and handles to ease lifting and moving operations.
    • Customised Internal protection – zero damage to valuable kit.
    • Strongest cases on the market – stack up to 8 high to optimise warehouse storage space.
  • ISPM15 exempt
    • Crocodile do not use coniferous timber in manufacture so are exempt from ISPM15 global shipping restrictions.
    • Send your product to trade events and exhibitions anywhere in the world with complete peace of mind.
Festival crates - easy storage and re-build
Exhibition crates - various sizes - customised - handles & wheels
Crocodile Packaging show stand with crates custom made for events

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