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Product Design

Crocodile regards the design process as the most important part of the eventual production of a successful packaging product.

How we work.

We use decades of experience and expertise in Auto-CAD Inventor 3D and our in-house design software to develop the perfect packaging solution to suit your individual needs as a customer.


We follow a number of steps in this process:


Kick off meeting

Once initial contact has been made a member of Crocodile’s design team will conduct a formal meeting with the customer and gauge exactly what the specific packaging needs are for this project.

This will include outlining:

    • Specific details of the goods being packaged
      • Dimensions.
      • Areas requiring support.
      • Special protection and anti-vibration requirements.
      • Handling & loading methods.
    • How will the item be shipped (road, sea, air etc)?
    • What internal dunnage and protection can be included with the crate.
    • Whether a returnable solution can be considered.
    • The best way to utilise materials in order to minimise costs.


Concept design – CAD software

    • If the customer has CAD drawings of their product this will then be sent to Crocodile.
    • If no CAD drawings are available, then a physical measure may be required.
    • Crocodile’s design team will develop a proposal for a shipping solution using all information gathered. 
    • Once a concept design is completed this will be sent to the customer for consideration.


Customer feedback

    • The customer will then send any input or concerns back to the design team.
    • If appropriate Crocodile will then incorporate this feedback into the design.


Sample production

    • Crocodile will then manufacture a sample and deliver this to the customer.
    • If required a member of the design team will then test the package with the customer.
    • Any adjustments or improvements that can be made will be noted down by the design team and incorporated into the final design.


Design sign off

    • After the feedback from the Sample Test has been fully incorporated into the design a final design will be sent to the customer.
    • If the customer is happy then the design can be signed off and production can commence.
Crocodile packaging engineer measuring electronic component
Customised lid - fast removal - easy safe stacking

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