Crocodile Timber Frame Division Awarded CE Mark for Posi Joists

CE Mark approval will allow Crocodile’s Mitek Posi Joists to be sold and specified across Europe after the July 1st legislation changes.

The issue of quality has always been a serious consideration for Crocodile ever since the  business started over 20 years ago.  A commitment to quality and customer service lies at the heart of what Crocodile are about.
Crocodile Timber Frames are therefore delighted to have achieved the standards needed for CE Mark approval for the Posi Joist products.

The CE mark is designed to guarantee that products have met the safety standards and performance levels laid out in harmonised European Standards (hEN) or defined by a products European Technical Approval (ETA). In this case the CE Mark will give confidence to the various building approvals bodies that the products being used are quality products.

The CE Mark is a consistent and instantly recognised way of expressing the quality of our Posi Joists. It is in effect a “passport” approval allowing Crocodile Timber Frame to sell these Posi Joists products anywhere in the European Union.

To achieve the standards needed for the CE mark our manufacturing processes or Factory Production Control system (FCP) had to be audited and approved by TRADA*.  Only then were we granted our Declaration of Performance Certificate which will allow us to stamp our Posi Joists with the CE mark.The FCP process had to demonstrate that our Posi Joists are manufactured in a way that is continuously repeatable and that the construction method can be clearly recorded and confirmed. This is required to ensure that the required standards are met each and every time so that product quality and performance can be guaranteed.

*TRADA is the Timber Research and Development Association. It is an internationally recognised centre of excellence on the specification and use of timber and wood products.

What is the CE Mark?

Since 1993 the European Union has been seeking to create a common standard of safety and quality for products that are being sold across national boundaries. The CE mark has become a common site on many products sold in the UK but it has not been a legal requirement. However – that is about to change because from July 2013 it will become a legal necessity to have a CE mark on products being sold into the EEA (European Economic Areas). So the CE mark will be a recognised badge or logo which confirms that that product has met the legal requirements and conforms to a standard that has been agreed across the EU. For CE compliant products the legal requirement is to have a Declaration of Performance (DoP) Certificate. Any manufacturer claiming CE compliance must be able to produce this DoP certificate.

CE Marking in the Timber Frame and Construction Industry

There has been much debate on how the CE Mark can be made to operate effectively within the construction industry. The CE certification process can appear confusing because of the many stages involved in a construction project and the vast range of applications for construction related products.

The construction sector is one in which products can be sold on through multiple different companies as they move through often elongated and complex supply chains before arriving at the construction site. However, the logic and the benefits of CE marking are not in dispute and the certification processes - where they have been defined (and are now required) - are straightforward once the manufacturer understands the principles behind them.

CE marking applies only to products being sold to the construction site itself. The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) is the directive that has pulled together the assessment and means of declaration for construction products being sold by an original manufacturer or assembler or product integrator. The construction products being sold can be considered as;
•    A product - e.g., a timber joist
•    A construction part – e.g. a wall panel
•    A kit of parts – e.g. a wall assembly with services
•    A component - e.g. a whole room in a building

Trading Standards will be policing the CE Mark once it becomes law on July 1st 2013 and there will be penalties applied under criminal law (fines and imprisonment) for absent or incorrect CE marking. (For more details go here guidance on CE Marking for construction products )

If you would like more details on Crocodile Posi Joists please contact us on 01793 821555 or email us at Crocodile Posi Joists we would be delighted to hear from you.