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Reusable Industrial Packaging Solutions

Reusable Packaging

Help the environment, protect your product while in transit and improve your bottom line with reusable packaging solutions from Crocodile.

Lower Cost per trip

A reusable packaging system will probably represent a higher unit investment than your current solution but you will have a lower unit cost per trip.  Why not take the opportunity to improve your performance in areas like storage costs, product protection, packing speed, health & safety and transport optimisation.

Assemble in seconds

Our cases an be assembled and flat-packed easily and simply in seconds without needing any tools – flatpacking for a return trip saves most of the transport cost making Crocodile cases the perfect reusable packaging system.  If a part is lost or damaged simply replace it.

Simple low cost maintenance

All components in our reusable packaging system are interchangeable so maintenance costs are minimised.  With our extensive experience of design, materials and manufacturing possibilities, we can help you achieve the dream of using the same packaging again and again by designing a reusable packaging system that fits in precisely with your logistics system.

Reduce Packaging waste

Re-think your assembly line procedures, analyse your packing and dispatch areas and minimise your transport ad packaging costs with a reusable packaging system that saves you money and helps protect our planet.  

Call in the Experts

Crocodile are specialists in the field of export and industrial transit packaging, it is what we do!

Why not ask us to prepare a report on the opportunities that exist within your business to achieve savings and improvements, simply by switching to a higher quality reusable packaging solution.

ISPM 15 – Export anywhere with confidence.

All Crocodile cases are exempt from ISPM15 regulations meaning that your consignment can be sent anywhere in the world, without fear of rejection or expensive treatment or return costs.


Re-Useable Industrial Export Packaging Crate

Re-Useable Industrial Export Packaging

Re-Useable Industrial Export Packaging for HP

Stacked Re-Useable Industrial Export Packaging



For information on our unique reusable reusable packaging solutions, please call us now on 01793 821555 or contact us.