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Pallet Boxes – the Widest Range on the Market.

Crocodile design and manufacture the widest range of pallet boxes on the market.


Pallet boxes are designed to be lifted by mechanical means such as pallet trucks and fork lifts. Pallet Boxes can be designed and manufactured to any size and shape and made from a very wide range of different materials.


After a careful study of the wide spectrum of each customer’s unique requirements, we can design a packaging solution solving a multitude of different problems.


At Crocodile we pride ourselves on our ability to create a perfect solution to any packaging requirement rather that offering a narrow range of options that fall short of providing you with the best solution.

If you would like to talk to us now, about how we can help you with your pallet box requirements, please just call 01793 821555 or click pallet boxes to send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you.


Our Pallet Boxes are Clipped together - not Nailed.


Crocodile developed a unique, patented clip system to rapidly attach the individual panels of a box to each other and to its sturdy pallet base. This can be done very quickly, easily and all by hand - pushing the clips into slots on the surface of the pallet boxes. Just as easily, our pallet boxes can be opened to remove products or to flat pack down each pallet box for return shipment or for easy recycling thus greatly reducing packaging waste.


Benefits of Crocodile’s Clipped Pallet Boxes

  • Save Costs with Flat packing and re-usability . Pallet boxes are normally delivered flat-packed to minimise haulage costs and the space required in your  factory until they are needed. If the system is returned for reuse, return trip costs are massively reduced making return and reuse economically viable.
  • Save Time by Loading through an Open Side. Rather than lowering product into an open topped case, the Crocodile pallet box enables products to be effortlessly placed onto an open sided pallet base where it can easily be secured before the panels are clipped in place before shipping.
  • Save Time and Money Multiple Opening and Closing pallet boxes. Cases often need to be opened and closed several times before the customer finally removes the product from the box. This may be for customs inspections, to add further product to the box, to check what is already in the box or a host of other reasons. With the Crocodile clip system this can be done quickly and as many times as required without damaging the pallet case.
  • Increase Productivity and Save Costs - Effective Health and Safety. Crocodile Pallet Boxes are a great asset to Health and Safety campaigns. If back strains, injuries from nails, screws, sharp tin edges, or splinters are causing problems for your work force or customer, these problems can be eliminated by using the Crocodile clipped pallet box system.
  • Reduce Costs with Interchangeable Components. All components in our reusable packaging system are interchangeable so maintenance costs are minimised. There is almost nothing that can be broken in our pallet box system, which is made up of robust flat panels, sturdy pallet bases and steel clips. If a component is lost or damaged, only that component needs to be replaced, not the whole box
Pallet Boxes under construction

Wooden Pallet Boxes stacked ready

Wooden Pallet Boxes empty

Bespoke Wooden Pallet Boxes being made

Wooden Pallet Box being loaded

Pallet Boxes being packed

If you think that we are the company to help you with your pallet box requirements please just call 01793 821555 or click pallet boxes to send us a message. We look forward to hearing from you.