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Crocodile’s Reusable IBC Container Systems will Save You Money

Crocodile’s flat-packable, returnable, reusable IBC Container system is the most cost effective transit and storage method on the market for intermediate bulk liquids and powders.


IBC Clip Together Design – Save Time and Money.

The panels of the IBC clip together by hand by pressing clips into slots on the panel surface. The clips system has been tested and is suitable for deep sea freight stacked 2 high. Cases can be built up by hand in 2 minutes and demounted and flat packed just as quickly for storage or return.


Crocodile IBC Containers - Financially Outperform All Other Systems

With a 5:1 flat-pack ratio and the ability to interchange or replace any component, the CrocBox IBC Containers will financially outperform all other systems available whilst delivering exceptional benefits in handling, stacking, storage and return transport.

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Our IBCs Save Costs with Lower Return Shipment Costs

Our liquid IBC containers stack up to 6 high with a 5:1 flat pack ratio. The benefit of flat packing is of course the dramatic reduction in return shipment and storage costs


Crocodile’s Creative Design “Bag in a Box” IBC system – Save Your Company Time and Money.

When the case has been erected, the cassetted bag can be dropped into the IBC and can then be filled by a hose through an inlet port. As the bag fills, the outlet port marries up with the outlet hole in the case to allow decanting from the bottom of the case. When full, the bag is sealed with a screw in top. When required, a tap is screwed into the outlet port and the bag can then be emptied under vacuum. This stops any air contamination to the product. When emptied, the bag can be removed and recycled saving cleaning costs. The empty IBC case can then be flatpacked to 20% of it’s erect volume for storage or return.


Low Cost One-trip Option

If you are sending your product overseas returning or re-using the IBC Containers is not an option, then you should consider using Crocodile’s One-Trip IBC Container. This gives you all the benefits of our reusable IBC but at a much lower cost.


Bespoke IBC Containers – Specifically Designed for Your Business

We can adjust the design of the basic IBC Container to fit in with your specific requirements.

Bespoke IBC Container designs include:

  • Inspection hatches in the top of the case to assist in rapid inspection of product without removing the lid.
  • Length, width and height to suit transport and storage methods. Any size and shape.
  • Choice of materials to suit expected lifespan and budget.
  • Screen printed panels for a consistent corporate image.
  • Bag-in-box liquid or bulk powder options.
  • Seed storage and handling. Cases can have strengthened bases so that IBCs can be rotated to rapidly decant product. They then stack up to 8 high and eliminate waste from rodents and birds.
IBC Containers being loaded

IBC Containers - Showing the Special Clips

IBC Containers ready to load.

A large stack of IBC Containers

IBC Containres being loaded

IBC Container ready to Export 


Bespoke IBC Container design will result in a more efficient and effective IBC container for your business which will by default save you time and money.


If you would like more help or advice with your IBC Container requirements please call us now on 01793 821555 or use our contact form. We would be delighted to hear from you. We have a lot of experience and expertise in this area and we are not afraid to use it!