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As the leading UK manufacturer we provide the widest range of wooden export crates on the market.  

Our Wooden Export Crates and Cases can be made to any size and shape from a very wide range of different materials.

We take the time to understand our customer’s unique packaging requirements. Only when we understand their issues we can design a solution for them - often saving them money in the process by reducing their total cost of shipping.

If you think we can help you with your export packaging requirements please call us on 01793 821555. Call us now - we would be delighted to talk to you. 

If you are not sure - read on and see how we can save you time and money with our unique, reusable packaging systems.

Wooden Export Crates and Packing Cases - Make The Right Choice

Choosing the right packing crates is vital to ensure that your valuable exports will be protected and shipped at minimum cost.To understand more about this take a look at Saving on Export Costs

Save Export Costs and Enhance Your Reputation by Reducing or Eliminating Damage

Product damage equals major cost and often leads to lost customers - avoid this with Crocodile's specialist wooden export packaging crates. Crocodile will design the most cost efficient packaging solution for your business based on the product to be shipped,how much protection is required and the nature of the journey to your end customer.  

Save Money –  Returnable Export Crates

Depending on the logistics implications, it may be possible to design a returnable export case. The removable Crocodile clips enable export cases to be efficiently flat-packed, which greatly reduces the return shipping cost. Where circumstances permit, a quality returnable export crate system can greatly reduce the cost of shipping as unit cost decreases each time a case is returned. Learn more here Reusable Export Packaging Systems

Proven Savings in Time and Money

Our expertly designed wooden packaging crates save costs not just in terms of case price but by reducing the total cost of shipping overall, such as avoiding product damage, enabling highly efficient and rapid packing and unpacking and even allowing the recycling and re-use of previously used packaging.

Additional benefits of Crocodile Wooden Packaging:

  • Deliveries into our customers in flat-pack form minimise carriage and storage costs.
  • No additional or specialist tools are needed to clip Crocodile export cases together. This is done rapidly, safely and easily by hand.
  • Loading cases through an open side optimises packing times and prevents the chance of back injuries.
  • Significant stacking strength compared to other systems reduces shipping costs even for rough, deep sea journeys.  The highly engineered nature of our clipped wooden export cases enables great strength to be designed into the crates without extra material, weight or cost.
  • Crocodile can design bespoke dunnage systems which hold your product securely in the export case, optimise the use of space and provide maximum protection for your products.

Crocodile: A Quality Business Partner

Crocodile are an ISO9001:2000 accredited company, which tells you that we pay close attention to our quality control. We also provide exceptional customer service and look to develop long term relationships with our business partners.

ISPM 15 - UK Forestry Commission/Wood Packaging Material Marking Programme

- Export anywhere with confidence

All Crocodile export specific manufactured crates, pallets & cases are fully ISPM 15 compliant, meaning that your consignment can be sent anywhere in the world, without fear of rejection at the port of entry, expensive treatement or return costs.

Crocodile's unique global ISPM 15 Registration Code is  FC0952
For more information please call us on 01793 821555 or e-mail here Export Crates
We would be delighted to hear from you.
Wooden Packing Crates for Export Packaging

Wooden Packing Crates for Export Packaging

Wooden Export Packing Crates


A wooden Export Packing Crate in the Arctic

Wooden Packing Crates from Crocodile being tested

Wooden Packaging Crates for Export Packaging

Wooden Packaging Crates for Export Packaging

Showing the strength of our Export Crates

If you have read this far you must be interested in the export crates and cases that we can provide - so please call us now on 01793 821555 We would be happy to answer any questions you have. We look forward to hearing from. I know we are called Crocodile but we really don't bite!