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Bespoke Packaging – because every different product needs it’s own packaging solution.

Every manufacturing company has a unique product that needs to be shipped safely to its customers. Obviously products come in all sorts of shapes sizes and weights with varying degrees of fragility.

The most efficient packaging solutions will address all these different requirements... in the most cost effective way. Bespoke packaging represents the best solution.

If you don't want to read any more and just want to talk to us about how we can help with your packaging requirements, please call us now on 01793 821555 or click bespoke packaging to send us a message. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Request a Packaging Review. Find out if Bespoke Packaging can Save You Time and Money?

At Crocodile we will review your current packaging and assess its fitness for purpose. It may well be time to redesign your packaging. We will sit down and listen to your immediate requirements and your wish list and help you to rank it in order of importance. We can then design a packaging specification that will meet all your packaging needs in the most cost effective manner.

Endless Solutions

Crocodile can design packaging any size, any shape and from a wide range of different thickness and grades of material to provide the optimum bespoke packaging solution for your unique requirements. With our versatility, we are sure to create a wooden packaging solution tailored for your needs and one which will save you time and money.

Internal protection in transit

Most products need to be properly stabilised within the packing case. To ensure this Crocodile can design and supply a range of internal dunnage to simplify the packing process, support and protect during transit and ensure your product reaches the customer in perfect condition. 

Bespoke packaging can dramatically reduce damage in transit and the costs saved here can be very significant indeed. It may not only be the product that gets damaged in transit but also your reputation.

A properly designed wooden packaging case should provide solutions from the beginning of its life cycle to the end. Our cases arrive as space saving flat packs and further benefits include:
  • the speed and ease of erection,
  • the ability to load product through an open front,
  • ease and speed of securing product within the pack,
  • the rapid closing of cases,
  • protection and stackability during transit,
  • visual appearance of packaging arriving at the customer site
  • the ease and speed of opening and presenting the product
  • the efficiency of disposal of flat packed panels at its end of life.
We are confident that your business could benefit from a bespoke packaging solution. We believe that we can find many ways of saving you time and money.

For more information or to arrange a free packaging review just call 01793 821555. We would be delighted to hear from you.
A  Wooden Packaging Crate

Building A Bespoke Wooden Packaging Crate

Moving A Wooden Packaging Crate

Loading A Bespoke Wooden Packaging Crate

Filling A Bespoke Wooden Packaging Crate

Delivering A Bespoke Wooden Packaging Crate

Unpacking A Bespoke Wooden Packaging Crate


Why not let us review your packaging requirements and see if our bespoke packaging solutions will work for you. You really have nothing to lose and potentially a great deal to gain. Call us today on 01793 821555 or click bespoke packaging to use our contact form. We look forward to helping you save costs.