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About Us

Crocodile is a family owned and run company set up in 1991 to respond to a fast growing demand for packaging which is designed to deliver multiple solutions to a wide range of packaging problems, rather than just a box to deliver a product.

We manage the business, design and manufacture our products on the same site in Swindon, England, with manufacturing partners in Europe, China and USA. We supply an incredibly wide range of different products from single bespoke cases through to multiple truck loads per day to single customers.

We do not sell from a catalogue. We visit prospective customers, listen to them and glean as much information as we can about exactly what they want and need from their packaging. Our experience and fresh ideas often stretch their aspirations well past their initial target. To solve their packaging problems, we aim to understand every aspect of their requirement and design the best solution   rather than shoehorning customer’s products into the best we can do from a limited range.


Crocodile's Main Production Centre, near Swindon Wiltshire

Inside Crocodile Packaging. A view of the production floor

Crocodile wooden packaging crates being made
Our aim is to win customers by delivering a first class but cost effective solution and performance. We then passionately wish from then onwards to continue supplying the customer every time they need packaging. This only happens if service is of the highest quality. We aim to provide this as a minimum requirement, every time and to never lose a customer. This can only happen if a company is made up of individuals that share this goal. Crocodile is very proud to have such staff.